Alarm Annunciator

What is Alarm Annunciator?

It is basically an audio visual warning system, which highlights the fault or mishap which is going on, or even before it happens. This is very necessary for safety concern also, and sometimes the warning comes before improper procedure which warns the operator to avoid unwanted accident etc. This is the basic concept of Alarm Annunciator, and the alarm annunciation system. Let us look at the operation of a typical alarm annunciator device.

The ICR Baroda alarm annunciator allows operators to visually capture important identifiers through color and text. This product uniquely matches any operating needs and site specifications to easily configure to your control room needs and in the future. The most cost-effective annunciation solution available today and is made possible by the latest Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology. Built to fit any sized system and fit any available space, horizontal or vertical. Truly customizable.