Drilling Tapping Controller

We At ICR Baroda Have designed, developed and manufactured a Drilling &Tapping Controller that converts your conventional drilling machine into drilling & Tapping machine.

This controller is made from years of research to increase the user ability to tap into drilled holes with precision and effortlessly. The Controller is designed using our Unique Algorithm “TORK”, that takes a decision for forward or reverse depending on the load on the induction motor and precisely protects the TAP Tool and ensures a perfect threading to your drilled hole.

The following are the advantages.

  • Improves efficiency of the machine.
  • Increases tool life.
  • Works accurately.
  • conventionally unconventional.
  • Made in India.
  • 3 Years comprehensive warranty

This devices replaces your conventional forward and reverse switch and connects to the Motor and Main power on a single connector making it easy to repair, replace and do maintenance if required.

All our ICR products come with 3 Years Carry-in warranty against any problem, except for any power blasts or physical damage.

We at ICR Believe that if you are able to use your devices and our automation with ease that improves your business and ability, keeping us in business