Vibratory Feeder Controller

Vibratory feeder controller is designed to automatically control input to vibratory equipment’s. This thyristor based controllers are designed and programmed to provideVibratory-Feeder-Controller variable half wave rectified voltage to the vibratory feeders. These controllers are micro-controller based and the vibration cane be varied by touch of a button. The soft touch buttons are easy to use and durable compared to rotating knobs. The controller provides step-less transition from 0 to max level of vibration. On power up, the vibration will start from ZERO to the set value. This is the soft start feature. This feature is provided to safe guard the feeder from sudden jerk.

The controllers are light weight, easy to manage and east to mount and get started. The controller enclosure is designed using special nylon material which is light in weight, strong and resistant to wear and tear and very well suitable for operation under industrial conditions. The input and output terminals are clearly marked and this enable a quick plug and play operation of your vibration device. The controller comes in various models and can be controlled directly from PLC 4-20mA input.

Product Specification and features are as below:
1) Models available for 230V A.C. and 415V A.C, 50 Hz & 60 Hz operation
2) High current rating up to 25A
3) Automatic control through PLC is possible in one of the models of the controller
4) Soft start feature
4) Easy mounting and connections
5) Rugged construction – suitable for industrial environment
6) Light weight
7) Easy operation
8) Soft touch button interface
9) Can be used to control various vibration devices

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